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Frank Walker - Walker Fraud Examiners, Inc.

Frank Walker
Walker Fraud Examiners, Inc.
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Frank Walker
Walker Fraud Examiners, Inc.

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“Partners” with an independent perspective.
We are fraud examiners, certified by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
We offer:
For Attorneys
As a knowledgeable consultant, expert witness and examining interviewer on fraud-related issues, we can help you in potential settlement or litigation, including the planning of the case..
For Auditors:
While rules can make fraud tougher to commit, they can also create an opportunity for motivated individuals. People, not process, commit fraud. Mr. Walker is the only CFE who is also a Certified Business Coach, a professional package that gives you considerable business and HR experience in anticipating and addressing critical people issues.
For Companies:
Mr. Walker’s broad strategic planning background and professional credentials give clients several benefits. Most companies think that effective fraud prevention is expensive. It need not be because effective fraud prevention always uses current human resources…that you are already paying for.
Internal Control: We recognize critical warning signs that could put your firm at risk   All the standards and guides are not substitutes for an anti-fraud professional. Fraudsters love rules because they provide predictability and they have loopholes. We how to remove the predictability and enhance compliance…for almost no cost. 
For Victims:
No fraud is a victimless crime. Through Fraud Aid, we help victims deal with the often devastating consequences of being a victim.

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This compliance bundle provides 33 hours of CLE credit including the required 5 hours of ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, and mental illness awareness credit, along with the required 3 Technology credits.